Installation and Schedule Guide

 If we are installing any materials that need water to survive (sod, plants, etc.) then you will need to make sure your irrigation system is in tip top shape prior to the installation date. Make sure all heads cover all of the desired planting areas. If your property doesn't have a irrigations system you will need to have a plan in place for post installation.  

What do I need to do before the install?

What do I need to do after sod installation?

  The biggest key to caring for new sod is WATER! Watering the correct amount and time of day  will make all the difference for sodding success. In the spring/summer months new sod will require 1" of watering and in the fall/winter months new sod will require 1/2-3/4" daily. A good way to measure how much water your system is distributing is to set out a cat food/tuna can. Turn your system on and see how long it takes to fill the can up. The amount of minutes it took to fill up should meet the daily requirements. Keep in mind if you see the leaf blades of the grass fold up, your lawn is too dry. 

Watering during the early morning hours allowing the cycle to be complete prior to the sunrise is the ideal situation. Watering at night will invite fungus and watering during the day will reduce the effectiveness due to evaporation. 

Once your watering is under control you will want to contact a lawn treatment company to prevent any pest that may be active. You also can do these services yourself however we recommend using a professional for the protection of your investments. 

Lawn Care and Treatment Schedule 

January - This is the month for lime to correct PH


February- Dimension for crabgrass, sedge, and sandspurs


March- Weed and feed, bug blaster, and tree fertilizer


April- Dimension for crabgrass


May- Apply 16-0-8 w/ Iron, Apply Deltamethrin for incepts


June- Apply fertilizer again


July- Apply 16-0-8 w/ Iron, Use grub insecticide 


August- Apply fungicide 


September- Weed and feed, bug blaster, and tree fertilizer


October- Winterize lawn with potash


November- Dimension for crabgrass


December- Apply Reindeer food for Santa's team! 

All these products can be found at Pat's Nursery

How much do our services cost?

Our services vary on each property and job. There isn't a one price fits all type pricing but we are competitively priced. One of our trained professionals will give you a quote for our services along with some ideas free of charge.