Proper drainage is paramount to maintaining a healthy and thriving landscape. Advanced Lawn Technology can help you find the best solution to tackle the toughest drainage issues! Give us a call today to free up your outdoor space from standing water!

French Drains
French drains are great when they are used in the proper way. A third of the calls we get from customers regarding drainage is failed French Drains. Our knowledgeable crews and designers makes sure the drain works right the first time and stands up to the test of time! 
Surface Drains
When water runoff is a problem our team recommends a Surface Drain/Gravity Drain. This type of drain is our primary go to drain due to its simplicity of care for our customers and best value. Water can collect on the surface and sit for days to create a muddy mess! We install these types of drains in the lower areas of your lawn to reduce surface water.  
Channel Drains
Channel drains are your best solution for standing water on a permanent surface or to prevent water from flowing onto that surface. We mainly use these these types of drains in transitions between pavers and concrete.